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.                           Sat Sep 13, San Angelo, TX - Fort Concho - San Angelo Cowboy Gathering   
.                   /

.                           Sat Sep 20, Austin, TX - The Broken Spoke
.                           Tue Sep 23, Victoria, TX - Billy Mata guest featured at the Victoria Opry
.                           Sat Sep 27, Fort Davis, TX - details TBA

.                           Oct 9 - 11, Thur - Sat, Ruidoso, NM, The LINCOLN COUNTY COWBOY SYMPOSIUM
.                            Each year, during the second full weekend in October, Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico plays host to the nation's finest cowboy
.                                     festival with old west storytellers, noted historians, poets, musicians (including the world famous Texas Playboys),
.                                     chuckwagon cooks and competitions, chuckwagon cook-offs, western artists and craftsmen for three days of events, cowboy
.                                     competitions, horse demonstrations, western swing dancing, kids rodeo and educational activities. The Symposium has been
.                                      selected as the Best Cowboy Cultural Event by the National Cowboy Symposium Association. In addition, the LCCS has been
.                                     named one of North America's top 100 events by the American Bus Association.

.                            Oct 15 - 19, Wed - Sun, Sun Valley, ID, SUN VALLEY JAZZ JAMBOREE .                                                                   Five days. Forty Bands. One Million Smiles.
.                                                                                          Attendees from all fifty states, every Canadian province, and several foreign countries gather
.                                                                                          each October to celebrate live performances of America‚Äôs music. The Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree
.                                                                                          was birthed out of a love and appreciation for jazz music by Tom & Barbara Hazzard held each
.                                                                                          mid-October each year in Sun Valley, Idaho.
.                                                                  10 Sun Valley Road, PO Box 2745, Sun Valley, ID 83353
.                                                                  Toll-Free: 1-877-478-5277
.                            Fri Oct 24, Pleasanton, TX - Cowboy Homecoming
.                            Sat Oct 25, Fort Worth, TX - Pearl's Dancehall
.                            Sat Nov 01, Martinez, TX - Martinez Hall Lions Club Benefit
.                            Sat Nov 08, Pvt Party
.                            Sat Nov 22, Bandera, TX - 11th Street Cowboy Bar